450mm Load Port Solutions

Successfully completed ISMI's interoperability and reliability testing / Latchkey and 12mm pitch compatible !

  • Dual Use

  • For FOUP  and MAC

  • Superior Cleanlines

  • Original design prevents particles from penetrating the FOUP

  • Reliable

  • Evaluation machine has successfully completed reliability testing by ISMI

  • Technology based on SELOP Load Port Series working in most of 300mm fabs all over the world with abundant supply reference

  • User Friendly and Functional

  • Large and easily viewable indicators with selectable fab-specific configurations

  • Compatibility

  • Applicable to various FOUPs

  • Easy to integrate and maintain

  • Installation:
    Self-standing caster as a standard
    BOLTS surface position adjustment mechanism
    Undock position adjustment function (for OHT)

  • Maintenance:
    Front access to all moving axes
    Communication log function and PC maintenance tool



Semiconductor Handling

It is our mission to provide all handling components and proper integration needed for Semiconductor Tool Automation.

The range of products that we provide cover all components used for the entire Front End Handling (EFEM), such as atmospheric robots, prealigner, load ports, wafer ID reader, etc. as well as all handling equipment needed for process tool automation such as atmospheric or vacuum robots. These products are available either as individual handling component or in any combination needed.

A single interface providing communication with all components allows our customers to concentrate on their core business with the knowledge that all handling requirements are well controlled and all components are perfectly coordinated.